Container Conversion concept is relatively new in this region but getting very popular and fast-growing building concepts. The concept of container conversion is built up over the sustainability and environment friendly wherein the solution is quick and economical compared to traditional construction methodology. Due to the nature of container construction, it suits to the Middle East & African climatic conditions.

Pre-engineered container construction are weather and fire-resistant as well with lower cost and carbon footprint when compared to a finished structure built through traditional brick and mortar and RCC.

DCV modify containers in the factory and can be shipped and installed to anywhere in the world. Solution can be retrofitted for the use of converting ISO containers to to diversified usages such as

  • Container Luxury offices with multilevel structures
  • Container Kiosks and Exhibitions
  • Luxury Houses/Resorts
  • Staff Accommodations
  • Site Offices
  • Emergency clinic/ hospital
  • Emergency/ enquiry booths
  • Security outlets
  • Road show units
  • Retail outlets
  • F&B Outlets, etc.

Rigid and Metal container structure making it easier to transport in a stacked manner.

The structure is prepared with protection from Water and Wind. Also offer protection under all harsh weather conditions.

Cost-effectiveness – Modular construction requires less work and less time to build, which will save you money overall, it also provides reasonable payment options

Adaptability and Mobility – Structures can be easily moved and reused in different places.

Modular structures are eco-friendly, it uses fewer materials and you can ensure when structures are being made, you are using sustainable/recycled materials/products without much of wastages.


    Flexibility in selection of design with multiple container positioning and stacking with minimum structural changes


    Container modifications are pre-engineered in factory results in rapid deployment with minimal works at site. This will reduce the wastages and implementation time at site

  • Flexibility

    The Interior, finishes, and textures can be flexible, and scalable which will enable the container conversion concept flexible for modifying the structure as and when needed instead of setting up an infrastructure which cannot be altered easily.


    The construction of the containers are for the longer lifetime as like the traditional construction and the material which can withstand the harsh environment, the container conversion give higher manageability of building as the same can be resused