Modular prefab datacenter

Prefabricated Modular combining modularity with the flexibility to customize size and shape. Solution is secure, fire-rated, waterproof Datacenter that is highly scalable and configurable. Solution is customized to provide any Tier level as desired by the client.

DCV small- and medium-sized prefabricated modular data center solution are customized Pre-engineered to cater customer requirement for Datacenter including IT Racks, Power Modules, Cooling and Ancillary modules. Multiple modules are flexibly scaled, based on customer requirements, and all Modules are prefabricated in the factory, minimizing the onsite workload and accelerating deployment times.

The solution also integrates Intelligent Energy Management and DCIM solution to improve the reliability and availability of the data center while reducing energy consumption.

Prefab Houses Suppliers and Manufacturers in UAE

DCV Industries is the leading manufacturer and provider of high quality Prefabricated Sheds, Factory Racks and Prefabricated Houses in UAE. DCV Industries is a UAE based company which is best known for its prefabricated houses and light gauge steel structures in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have been providing our services to customers in different countries not only in UAE but also other Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and more.

Leading manufacturer of modular datacenter and Caravan Prefab Company In UAE

DCV Industries is a leading manufacturer of modular datacenter and Caravan Prefab Company In UAE. We offer Prefab House installation in UAE and Structural Steel Fabricationwith the use of latest technology.

Prefabricated Coffee Shop in Abu Dhabi, UAE

DCV Industries specializes in manufacturing as well as design-build construction products for modular and Prefabricated Coffee Shop in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We manufacture for our customers a variety of types of Cafes and facilities according to the trends of architectural taste and specifications. Our designs are very flexible in order to meet your expectations; our quality is the guarantee for the perfect operation of our prefabricated buildings.

Modular / Prefab Datacenters can be finished by cladding to ensure they are indistinguishable from other building structures.

Modular / Prefab buildings are sectional buildings of multiple modules of standard ISO Container or customized modules which are built in prefab factory facility

Modular / Prefab modules are designed according to the client requirement and needs of a Datacenter, Office, or even building with combination of Datacenter, office, NOC, etc.

Containerised units can be designed to withstand harsh environments in the Middle East and can be customised by Fire rating

Modular /Prefab Modules can be customized and can pre-assemble the Shelter with equipment as per the client’s choice

Modular Building Construction Companies in UAE

DCV Industries was founded on the belief that reliable and cost-efficient construction could be achieved with the use of light gauge steel structures. Our company specializes in manufacturing and supplying modular buildings, warehouses, prefabricated houses, commercial facilities and other kinds of prefabricated structures. Our products serve a variety of needs from office buildings to car showrooms, from retail stores to living spaces.

Structural Steel Fabrication Company in Dubai UAE

DCV Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Modular Structures, Prefabricated Steel Buildings, Modular Datacenter, Prefabricated Datacenter and Structural Steel Fabrication Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & UAE. Get Temporary solution for Modular Building Construction, Light Gauge Steel Structures, Caravan Prefab, Porta Cabin, Light Gauge Steel Structures, Prefab shop, Prefab retails store & prefab coffee shop,restaurant & many more.

Prefabricated Datacenter

It is important to know that prefabricated data centers , also called integrated modular solutions or containerized data centers, are engineered to meet business-specific requirements within a secure infrastructure that is right-sized. We offer turnkey data center solutions based on our extensive product portfolio and proven project management capabilities.
From sales to project services to engineering, DCV Industries,s solution architecture competency reduces the complexity of building your data centers. Our goal is to deliver an Integrated Modular Solution that meets your precise specifications while providing unrivaled flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency.


    Flexibility in selection of Infrastructure components gives customer to have a Datacenter of their choice.


    A traditional datacenter takes around 18 to 24 months to build. Prefabricated Modular Datacenters are pre-engineered in factory results in rapid deployment with minimal works at site.


    Prefabricated Modular datacenter are made a repeatable modules and flexible, and scalable to add more module to increase the capacity of Datacenter as and when needed instead of setting up an infrastructure for anticipated future expansion.


    Integrated Environmental Monitoring System and DCIM provides management and monitoring solution including Power, Energy, Cooling, Climate, security, and more.


    ISO standard container are pretested, and fully configured architecture which are ready to use when at site.

    All subsystems, such as UPS, power distribution, battery, cooling, racks and more, are well integrated.